Tanner Godarzi

I’m Tanner – I've Never Met Technology That has Scared Me

I’m a Web Developer with a passion for creating rad experiences to improve people’s lives. I love tackling everything head on with excitement.

I currently live in San Francisco working at Dropbox on the Web Dev team focusing on increasing revenue focusing through A/B testing, thoughtful experimentation and multiple user growth efforts. I’ve also worked with heavy metal band Machine Head connecting their fans online.

I’m a volunteer at Out Of Office Hours helping people entering tech better understand interviewing and the industry.

You’ll typically find me at a heavy metal show on any night of the week. In my spare time I like performing random acts of pizza, attending concerts and helping people better themselves. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram or you can grab my resume.

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Selected Work

Dropbox Homepage

Case study: A revamped logged out homepage to better educate users on Dropbox.

What To Do In San Francisco

A delightful (and dynamic) list of places to visit today in San Francisco

Machine Head

Case study: An immersive and interactive experience of the band's newest album.


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