Howdy, I’m Tanner

— a real person on the internet.I’m also a Front End Engineer motivated by design thinking and story telling.Currently I’m at Notion on Brand Marketing telling the story of tools for work.San Francisco — specifically the delightful neighborhood of Cole Valley — is where I call home.My favorite dish? Thanks for asking. I can’t deny the beauty of a Prosciutto di Parma Pie

Not actually a cowboy

I love adventure and a good felt hat. During the day I help tell the story of future of work tools at Notion and by night I write about odd thoughts and conversations. Weekends I can be found meandering around San Francisco with a camera. Previously I worked at Dropbox, Square and design agency / freelance work. I also worked with heavy metal band Machine Head in a past time. I’m eternally optimistic about the future. If you are too, let's talkRead More →

A Good Wooden Stick

Discovering the magic of using a wooden stick

Amtrak Southwest Chief

An epic journey of 70 hours on train from San Francisco to Santa Fe through the American Southwest

Things I like:
Deserts of the American Southwest
Every Ace Hotel
Point and shoot film cameras
Wearing a cool black leather jacket listening to Judas Priest
Land-use conspiracy theories
Danish Mid Century Modern
Multi-day Amtrak trips across the United States
Cocktail bars named after complete sentences
Dinner parties
This video of Trent Reznor starting a Nine Inch Nails set