Howdy, I’m Tanner

— a real person on the internet.I’m also a Front End Engineer motivated by design thinking and story telling.Currently I’m at Notion on Brand Marketing telling the story of tools for work.San Francisco — specifically the delightful neighborhood of Cole Valley — is where I call home.My favorite dish? Thanks for asking. I can’t deny the beauty of a Prosciutto di Parma Pie

Not actually a cowboy

I love adventure and a good felt hat. During the day I help tell the story of future of work tools at Notion and by night I write about odd thoughts and conversations. Weekends I can be found meandering around San Francisco with a camera. Previously I worked at Dropbox, Square and design agency / freelance work. I also worked with heavy metal band Machine Head in a past time. I’m eternally optimistic about the future. If you are too, let's talkRead More →

Announcing Dinner With Friends

My newest side project that’s part food blog, friend journal and enjoyment of chicken tendies in their many bewildering forms.

The Delights And Wonders Of Riding An Autonomous Robot Taxi — A Waymo — In San Francisco

Fully autonomous and unmanned driving in the city with the weirdest streets is finally here.

Amtrak California Zephyr

Throwing a party — a Donner Party

A Good Wooden Stick

Discovering the magic of using a wooden stick

Things I like:
Deserts of the American Southwest
Every Ace Hotel
Point and shoot film cameras
Wearing a cool black leather jacket listening to Judas Priest
Land-use conspiracy theories
Danish Mid Century Modern
Multi-day Amtrak trips across the United States
Cocktail bars named after complete sentences
Dinner parties
This video of Trent Reznor starting a Nine Inch Nails set