Howdy Friend, I’m Tanner

Not actually a cowboy but I do love a good felt hat and adventure. I’m a Front-End Engineer building Notion’s Marketing Site and telling the story of tools for work. In a past life I worked at Dropbox, Square (I really like cubes) after a tour with an agency and freelancing.

I think the web should be a sandbox of infinite exploration to unlock our human potential for creativity and communication. Utilitarian tools and acid bath type experiences are the polarizing ends of the web I find most exciting to build.

I find joy in bringing people together and creating a community, usually over a dinner party invoking the fine touches and wackiness of our patron saint of food Eric Wareheim. You should throw a dinner party for friends and strangers.

While I’m at ease in a city like San Francisco, I’m captivated by the unfolding beauty of deserts of the American Southwest. Wherever I go I take a camera with me capturing landscapes or just the odd times we’re in (friends included).

Writing is a new habit of mine to make conversations, thoughts and explorations more concrete and easily shareable. I write about the forgotten touches to interior design, adventure and sometimes technical explorations.

I’m eternally optimistic about the future. Perpetual doom and gloom isn’t something I mesh with. However, I do love discourse and debate.

While I’m not looking for any new opportunities — seriously — I love getting coffee with people and talking design, art, new web technologies, to mundane conspiracy theories about urban planning.

Sound weird? Let’s talk 🤠