Struck A Nerve

A dizzying journey in nerve disruption and muscle injury from the least obvious place of bodily wear and tear

Announcing Dinner With Friends

My newest side project that’s part food blog, friend journal and enjoyment of chicken tendies in their many bewildering forms

The Delights And Wonders Of Riding An Autonomous Robot Taxi — A Waymo — In San Francisco

Fully autonomous and unmanned driving in the city with the weirdest streets is finally here

Amtrak California Zephyr

Throwing a party — a Donner Party

A Good Wooden Stick

Discovering the magic of using a wooden stick

Amtrak Southwest Chief

An epic journey of 70 hours on train from San Francisco to Santa Fe through the American Southwest

How To 10X Your Slack Productivity

Use these unbeatable tips to maximize your productivity in Slack and impress everyone

Thinking Of How To Build A Home

Building things in the digital realm can be a difficult experience — where do you even start? I approach building as if I were planning to construct a home

The Noguchi Garden

When a parking garage reveals a hidden expanse of solitude

So, You Want To Throw A Dinner Party

I love dinner parties. I love throwing them. I love attending. Let’s make a really fun one

Recreating Dropbox’s Planes System In CSS

Remember Dropbox’s 2017 rebrand? Yea, let’s recreate the visual euphoric elements of it in code

The Town Of Hollister

While on a road trip from Los Angeles back to San Francisco I made a detour through Hollister, the town discovering its history with Hollister, the clothing brand

Work From Amtrak

In need of a change of scenery caused by the monotony of working from home I embarked on a days long train trip from San Francisco through the Pacific Northwest

Mattress On The Floor

The mattress on floor in a male living space has been derided enough. let’s indulge in making this Spartan living setup work

Candles Are Lit

Our age of technology has made every basic necessity an over complicated luxury wrestling us away from the small pleasures in the day-to-day