Announcing Dinner With Friends

I am extremely excited to launch my latest project — Dinner With Friends — to the world! Dinner With Friends is a series of interviews hosted by myself (Tanner) with friends about topics we’re curious or passionate about in an intimate setting of food and drinks at our favorite spots. This is part friend journal and part food blog wrapped into one. This project came from wanting to document fun and topical conversations from:

Dinner With Friends is launching with two interviews!

Joe Haskins — a well traveled writer with a penchant for vinyl — talks conspiracy theorists, AI taking our jobs and hunting down the rarest of rare vinyl.

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Cory Etzkorn — a designer, software engineer and bath enthusiast living in Brooklyn — talks air travel nostalgia, differences between the West and East coasts and weird pandemic era nomadism.

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Thank you for joining the coolest dinner club around! New dinners — with friends — are coming and friend, if you’d love to be part of one, email with your favorite restaurant and something you’d love to talk about. If you enjoy Dinner With Friends, why not share it with a fellow friend?